David’s Story:

On Wednesday, November 17, 2010, David went for a kayak trip on the Shrewsbury River on his day off from work. The weather that day was what David described as “Amazing”.

It was a bright sunny autumn day, unseasonably warmer than most, and deceptively windier than anyone could have anticipated. David set out to do one of the things he most enjoyed in life – taking time to enjoy the wonders of God’s beauty during his favorite season with his newly purchased kayak. On that day, David had a false sense of security for many reasons; the unusually warm weather, confident in his athletic abilities, a strong swimmer, experienced canoeist, having a floatation seat cushion on board and feeling safe kayaking on a river, as opposed to the ocean. David was unaware, however, of the unknown dangers of the cold water temperatures, the 4-5 ft. swells, the blow-out tide and the severe winds culminating in a churning affect once in the channel.

Despite heroic search and rescue efforts by the Little Silver Police, Coast Guard, State Troopers, local kayak club members, family, friends and even strangers over a four day period, the realization began to set in that the chances of finding our David alive were no longer plausible. More than two years later on December 5, 2012, our family received word that David's remains were found in the Shrewsbury River in Little Silver.

Our hearts have been broken but our deep faith and love have grown. For 26 years, David was a true gift from God, not only for us, but for all who knew him. We look upon his life and his ability to have such a positive effect on so many people as part of God’s plan for David. David has shown us how deeply we can love, as our beloved son, loving brother and brother-in-law, devoted grandson, endearing nephew, fun-loving cousin, and caring and loyal friend. With his clever wit and unique antics, he always kept us laughing. He was a joyous and gentle soul and appreciated his blessings like being a part of a close loving family, and in the simplest of things, like enjoying a cup of Illy coffee in front of a burning fire, relaxing to his favorite George Winston tunes, enjoying a sunset or riding his Stella scooter to the beach. 

David was an extraordinarily considerate person, mindful and sensitive to the needs of others. He was a highly respected and admired manager, and was passionate about achieving his goals which included earning his degree in Business Management while working full time.  As a tribute, there are plaques dedicated to David in all of the Trader Joe’s stores where he had worked 

We are and always will be so proud of him. Through the way he embraced life, David has taught us many lessons; to live life to the fullest, treat others with respect and courtesy, make the best of any situation, pursue your passion, find humor in everything, live with integrity and honor, and remember to be happy with yourself. We know David’s memory will continue in our hearts and lives forever and hope our mission of the David P. Civile Foundation for Boating Safety Awareness will possibly spare another family from our tragic loss. We thank you for the love, encouragement, prayers and support you have extended to us. We feel truly blessed by your kindness.